Friday, 23 June 2017

An Odd Duck


An exclamation indicating disbelief and stunned acceptance of the facts.
origin unknown
but the first recorded use in literature is found in "The Wheel of Fortune" by Louis Tracy.


No one appears to know how or why or when the expression "he (or she) is an 'odd duck"' originated.   Poor duck, being picked on to represent someone who deviates from the norm in appearance, behaviour or beliefs.


I'm just going to 'duck out' of the meeting early.  Originally the term was just, 'duck' with 'out' being added later.  Why?  To give the duck a little class?  Who knows.  The expression came to life in the 1800's.  No one knows why.  Ask a duck.

That's my 'fun with ducks' for the day.  Got any more duck sayings or expressions?  

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Don't Fence Me In

I've been thinking about fences a lot lately.  Ever since our neighbour put a fence up between us where none had existed for the past 31 years that we've lived here.  These folks have been here about four years now...long enough for them to decide that we're Mexico I guess.  We've never set foot on their property and the most intrusive we've been is a friendly wave.  Our yard is neat and tidy so there is nothing warranting screening.  I guess they just like fences.  They put one up on the other side of their property as well.  It wouldn't be quite so bad if they had finished our side of the fence but it is NOT finished and when we step out our side door it looks like the inside of a wooden berry box.  (I hope I'm not the only one old enough to remember those.)  
The back yard is totally enclosed in a mish mosh of fencing put up by various neighbours on either side and behind..there are actually three houses behind us (which tells you how big our yard is).  The back line is also screened by a number of tall cedars.  I know why the folks to the east of us put up a fence...they had dogs as do the people behind us....but again, our neighbour to the west, they of the 'love of fences' have no real reason to fence it off...just an antisocial attitude.  They also have a gazebo in back with black out curtains hanging all around it.  We sit on our deck out back with no protection from neighbours glances and frankly, we seldom look over at any of them.  We just sit and talk, read, knit, look at our gardens and mind our own business.  
Now the folks across the road from us have put up a mile long run of fencing across the back of their property and along one side between them and their neighbours to the west.  Everywhere you look, fences.  High fences, low fences, wood fences, metal fences.....all over the place....fences.  Is it just me or are people starting to withdraw into themselves and this is just the outward sign of it?  
It is not a nice feeling to live all trapped inside these fences.  If I was younger and healthier I would head for the hills and live in the country with just a wire farm fence to keep roaming cattle out.  Or maybe I would just let the cows come through and eat the grass.  It's a dream of mine....these fences, they're a nightmare.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Using Wednesdays Words

Words for Wednesday is a weekly writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  The prompt can be a list of words, a phrase, a picture or even a piece of music.  This week the prompt is photographic and can be found on Elephant’s Child's blog.  (You can find her in my sidebar.)


There is a tree growing
in the gutter
where once rain
danced and gurgled
on its way to the downspout.
My roof has a sway
like the back
of a saddle sore old nag
and the raccoons have
ripped pieces of it away.
They are now nesting
with the mice and the squirrels
in my attic.
I remember
like it was yesterday
(perhaps it was yesterday, in house years)
the sound of children's laughter,
the playful antics
of a kitten in the yard,
a lush and blooming garden
where now weeds are the only crop
in a dank and sour soil.
Only yesterday,
I’m sure of it…
I looked through
lace covered window panes
into a well manicured lawn.

Only yesterday.
Now I dream in  the sunlight,
shiver in the winter cold
and live in my dreams
when once I was called
the sweetest name
in the human language…

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Rather Crude Saying

"Ah my dear, he's just blowing smoke up your arse."   Ick.   Of course, this refers to an insincere compliment.  A possible origin for this dates to the late 1700's when it was a common practise for doctors to try to resuscitate a drowning victim by ... you guess it .... blowing smoke, yes, there.  Along waterways the equipment for such a procedure was hung at regular intervals and emergency workers were required to know the locations just as now they are required to know the location of the 'defib'.  What I would like to know is who the genius was who decided it would be a helpful thing to do.  Where DO these ideas come from?
Anyway, pretty useless treatment, and insincere compliments are pretty useless as well.  

Monday, 19 June 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday was started by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.  You can find her in my sidebar.  Why not join in….read, write, critique, share your thoughts….we’d love for you to be part of this.

the hungry earth
drinks up the rain
and sets the trees
to bloom again
then gathers up
the fallen leaves
as farmers
gather golden sheaves
all things come
from Mother Earth
she gives to all
as they give birth
but death, in life
comes in its turn
and to the earth
all must return.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Daddy's Home

As a youngster many wonderful things came down our long, maple lined lane.  The bread man with his basket of breads and cakes and sugared donuts, the milkman with his gleaming bottles of milk and cream, the ice man in his leather apron and carrying a huge block of ice over his back.  The Watson man would come with his little van of goodies.  Sometimes Mom would buy, most times not.  But the best thing that EVER came down our drive was a dusty blue pickup driven by a weary man at days end.  The cry would go up, 'Daddy's home' and there would be a mad scramble to greet him as he stepped out of the cab.  He was glad to be home, we were glad he was home, supper was ready and all was right with the world.....Daddy's home.
Happy Fathers Day to all the Daddies out there and to all those who 'father' regardless of gender.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

My Nose Hurts

Ever wonder where the expression, "paying through the nose" comes from?  It means, of course, paying an excessive amount for groceries.  A possible source of this expression dates to the 9th century in Denmark.  Delinquent taxpayers had their noses slit.  The nose bled, we are being bled by high prices......  anyway, now my nose hurts.