Monday, 18 December 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is the brainchild of Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border (you can find her in my sidebar).  Diane thought Mondays were a little drab and poetry was just what we needed.   Each week she provides us with a theme that we can use, or not.  Why not join us?  It's fun and it's free.  What could go wrong?  Right?

This weeks theme is 'a special Christmas memory'.

Each Christmas came,
each Christmas went.
I felt, each one,
was heaven sent.

Each sparkling light,
each golden star,
each Christmas carol,
note and bar
added to that special glow,
the one that every child knows.

The magic in the dark of night,
excitement causing pain so tight
one could hardly breath
let alone sleep throughout the night.

Friends and family gathered there,
warmth and love for all to share.
The whole day long
the happy throng
celebrated Christmas.

The week of Christmas
saw a trend
of visits
from all our friends.
They came to see the tree alight
glowing darkly in the night.
They came to see what Santa brought,
to make amends o'er what we fought.
For after all, a New Year starts
at the end
of every Christmas

Those days now a hazy dream
as through veils of time I view the scene
But in my heart they will remain
each Christmas was the very same.
Each and every one,
the MOST special memory.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

I Don't Get It

What is going on with beds these days?
A few weeks ago I dropped into my favourite furniture store on a search for a mattress/box spring set.  They had some lovely 'made in Canada' sets (two can play this game Mr. Trump) and I purchased one after giving it a test drive in store.  It was delivered yesterday.
The delivery men took the old box spring and mattress away and after they left I wandered down to the bedroom to check out my latest acquisition.  Holy Hell!!!!!   It's huge.  This thing dominates the bedroom...looms over everything....I kid you not.  Bedside tables that were once an a level with the top of my mattress are now a good six inches lower.  I called the store and asked if perhaps there had been a mix up.  Apparently the model in the store sat on a simple metal frame whereas in our house the set sits on a wooden bed frame.  
Well....there it sat and the first question that came to mind was "can I even get into it?"  More important, "can I get out without falling on my face?" and finally, "What if I fall out of bed?  I'll kill myself."
I got into it but it wasn't pretty.  Being over a 'certain age' I get up once or twice in the night.  Never mind why.  Getting back into bed was exhausting.  Each time I got up I remembered that I was farther from the floor than usual so I was okay...until the last time when I forgot and slid out energetically and free fell the last few inches.  Wow.
I spent the first night in my new bed feeling alternately like Royalty and as though I were reenacting a part from the Princess and the Pea.
I might just add that making this monster is a task as well...I had to have the hubs help to lift the mattress so I could tuck in sheets.  This sucker is HEAVY.
Anyway, this morning I poked around in the storage closet and found a small padded step stool that will now live beside the bed.  Ridiculous.  
Anyone else need a step ladder to get into bed?

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Oh Boy!

What is it now?  Eleven days to Christmas?  Yikes.   Well all I need to do is keep the place clean and tidy and shop for food items for the day.  Sounds easy but I've got a killer cold and all I want to do is sit and watch the dust settle.  I'm going to drag my weary self out today (-15 here folks) and get my hair cut.  One must be tidy for Christmas.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is brought to us by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border (you can find her in my sidebar).  Diane knew that Mondays needed jazzing up.  Each week she provides us with a theme which we can use…or not…  I usually do.  Sometimes it’s not easy. This week’s theme is ‘our happiest family memory’.  So many directions one could go.  I finally settled on a day the three of us would agree was probably the happiest day of our lives together.

12 years in apartments
Was long enough
The process had been…
Loud noises and tight spaces
Left us with sour faces
But moving day
Was now before us.
We packed and planned,
The three of us.
We planned on space
To move around
And quiet nights
Where we could sleep sound
That was 1986.
No one thought to take some pics
Of before’s and after’s
Of cuts and nicks
(thankfully no broken bones)
So much to do
We plumb forgot
And wow
Was that day ever hot.
The day for sure had ups and downs
A few things that made us frown
But we were home
That’s all that mattered.
“It’s a tiny house”,
Others nattered.
We spread out,
Our belongings scattered.
Over 1050 square feet,
Twice what we were used to
Now THAT was neat.
 This house has sheltered us
From rain and snow,
 watched us celebrate
And our family grow.
It’s seen graduations
And weddings,
New generations,
Sad times,
 And good times.
We all agree,
We three,
That this day

Was THE most special day.

Even if you don't feel like attempting poetry, I would love to know what your most special family memory is.  Maybe like me, they are all special.

Friday, 8 December 2017


She wanders
round and round her tiny house
touching pictures,
bits of china,
a cow bell,
her fathers watch,
her mothers locket,
a piece of her grandmothers crochet.
Photo albums lie open.
The cedar chest is in disarray.
She looks out of windows,
peers into mirrors,
eventually comes to rest
in her great grandmothers rocking chair
holding an old, tattered teddy bear.
"Momma, what is grandma doing?"
"What is she searching for?"
"Herself darling.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Using Wednesdays Words

Words For Wdnesday is a weekly writing prompt designed to get us writing...anything...just write okay.  Anyone can play.    There are no rules.  Okay just  need to let us know you are participating so we can read.
This month Elephants Child has provided the prompts and she has finished the month out with a bang.  This is a terrific assortment of words.
giraffe, puddle, thorny, evergreen, distant, tubular...and/or....
torrent, cab, aspidistra, faucet, teddies and carbuncle.

Here goes:

The dry and thorny looking evergreen sat in an icy puddle at the distant end of the empty and folorn tree lot.
"I hope you don't mind," Jen said, "but it's free and that's exactly what I can afford."  
She and the cab driver (thank goodness he's my best friend Jen thought to herself) stepped out into a torrent of rain that felt like every faucet in heaven had been left running while the celestial occupants took a well deserved Christmas break.
"Don't worry about it." Charlie said reassuringly as he helped tie the miserable looking tree to the top of the car.  "I'd do anything for those girls of yours.  I've got a little surprise for Mackie.  The toy store was having an end of season sale when I was in yesterday.  I picked up that giant plush giraffe she had her eye on and a couple of teddies for Alexa."
He tightened the bungie cord over the tubular frame of the carry rack.  Jen wiped a few tears from her face, grateful that the rain disguised her emotions.
"You're a good friend Charlie.  I know if Steve were here now he would tell you the same."
Charlie felt the small box in his coat pocket and hoped she would be as pleased about this gift as she was about the toys.

My humble apologies as there was just no way to work in aspidistra and carbuncle.  My Dad used aspidistra in a strange way...You bet your sweet aspidistra he did.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Word To The Wise

It's not a good idea to use hand lotion and THEN decide to clean your glasses.  Just sayin'.