Thursday, 19 October 2017

Just Like The Geese

Fly Away

When the sky is lead
And the rain drives in
Form the cold north lands
The geese band together
And fly away.
Fly away
Fly away
When the cold gets too much
They fly away.
When the pain grows too much
When the day grows too long
When the light starts to fade
We fly away.
Fly away
Fly away
When it all seems too much
We fly away.
Like geese in the autumn
Fly away.
There’s a place where the sun shines
Where the sky is blue and clear
It’s our destination
When we fly away.
Fly away
Fly away
To a land of endless sunlight

Fly away

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Using Wednesday's Words

Words for Wednesday is a weekly writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  Participants take it turn about to provide the prompts a month at a time.  This month Cindi of Letting The Words Escape (you can find her in my side bar) is providing the prompts.  As this is the spooky month of October she has been pulling her words of inspiration from books like Frankenstein and The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe....this week the words are from Stephen King's IT.  Feel free to join in...use some, all or none of the words.  Just write, write, write.  It's free, it's fun...what could go wrong?

this week the words are....clown, tunnels, children, nightmares, water, friends  and/or  visions, red, courage, asthma, recurrence, hide.

here we go:

It takes courage to face the nightmares and the visions each and every night.  Alone in the dark you find yourself in an endless tunnel.  The sound of the furnace fan is the wind blowing, the bathroom tap gurgles with its unshed water and sounds like a dying breath.  You are alone and friendless.  The only place to hide is under the blankets.  Then, you hear the footsteps and the  recurrence of the nightly terror begins.  A red glow penetrates  the darkness of your room coming closer and closer.  A crackly voice whispers in your ear, “Children should all be asleep at this time of night.”.  There is a rasping cough.
  She takes her hand off the lens of the flashlight and the room lights up “Yes dear?”
  “Is your asthma bad again?”
  “Yes, it is.  Now….stop your clowning around in here and get to sleep.  School tomorrow.”
  “Okay Mom…love you.”

  She leaves grinning and shaking her head.  Every single night, the same thing.  It never gets old for either of them.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Fun With Words

Sometimes a phrase we use all the time will suddenly catch my ear and leaves me wondering where it came from and why.
Knuckle Under
this is a fairly common expression
A dictionary from 1740 defines knuckle as 
knuckle or knuckle down
to stoop, bend, yield, comply with or submit to.
The allusion appears to be with the subservient gesture of stooping with one's knuckles low down or on the ground.
Somehow when I hear the expression 'knuckle under' I get a mental picture of the great apes rolling along with their knuckles on the ground.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Poetry Monday

In a small cardboard box
at the back of a drawer
small pieces of once shiny paper,
ripped and creased,
little pieces of tin
with faded images
lie, forgotten.
No names,
no dates,
no clues.
Figures posed unnaturally,
faces grim,
having been warned not to move.
Their eyes bore into ours
daring us
to solve the mystery
of their history.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Life Line

Life line....I have one now.  I've been feeling alone and vulnerable for quite some time now.  Yes I know, I have a husband, BUT, the man is quite deaf.  If he is tuned in to the streaming device for the TV he can't hear me, the doorbell, the phone...nothing.  If he is in the shower and has the hearing aids out he hears...nothing.  If he is in bed with the hearing aids out he hears ... nothing.  If he is changing a battery in the aids he hears...nothing.  Many a time I have needed him for something, called him, received no answer and knew...I was on my own.  I started thinking, what would happen if I fell, or had some kind of medical emergency and was unable to walk to him and get his attention?  I could lay on the floor bleeding for hours before he decided he wanted food or coffee and came looking for me to get it for him (he's nearly blind as well).  I could be dead by the time he got around to finding me.  I've been thinking about this for the past several years.  Finally, I called the General Hospital and asked them what kind of life line they recommend.  Yesterday a lovely lady named Ann came by (elderly lady, what a great marketing strategy) and within minutes had a home base installed, a wrist band on me (sort of like belling a cat lol) and a lock box on the back door.  No matter where I am in the house I can press the button on my wrist band and someone will speak to me through the home base..we tried it out and it even works in the basement.  If they can't get a response from me they will send EMS.  If I can talk to them I can ask for exactly what services I require.  The home base takes up very little room.  The wrist band is to be worn in the shower, in bed, everywhere and all the time...although I won't be wearing it when I go out.  I can even use it if I need assistane for my husband if he has a medical emergency.
The second life line I got was CAA for the car as neither of us is capable of changing tires or walking miles if we run out of gas.
Now if only that list would get shorter for the condo we are waiting for.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Friday, 13 October 2017

Friday's Confession

Two years ago I would not have had this confession to make.  Two years ago we still had all our meals at the table with a proper place setting.  Two years ago we still had 'couth'.  I'm not sure when it happened or how it happened but we have become 'dinner in a bowl' people.  We have become 'dinner on the couch in front of the TV people'.  (Sometimes we have dinner on the porch.  Somehow this seems okay.)  We have become 'uncouth'.
Every night my dishwasher is full of bowls.  Bowls for oatmeal, bowls for salad, bowls for rice bowl dinners, bowls for stew...if it can fit in a bowl it gets fit into a bowl.  This is a bad habit.  
How about you?  Any bad habits to confess.  Any suggestions on how to get out of this bad habit?  IS it a bad habit or just a 'not so good' habit?